No luxury car has remained respected and popular among drivers longer than Mercedes Benz. For decades they have represented a higher standard even among other European-made vehicles and as a result proper service is crucial to maintaining their performance and safety ratings. For years the trained mechanics at Foreign Automotive Best Mercedes Car Repair Service Shop have been providing this dealership quality service for drivers at better prices with a higher emphasis on customer service. Bringing you the best of both worlds, we believe in quality over quantity and will always make sure our work is done fast and accurately.

Comprehensive Service No Matter What You Drive

Mercedes is almost as well known for their variety of models, as they are their high reputation for quality. With sedans, crossovers and sports cars all expected to perform at a high level our mechanics make sure to know exactly what your car needs and when it needs it. Whether your AMG is in need of an alignment or you need to repair a couple dings and dents to your GLC we as a Best Mercedes Car Repair Service Shop have the tools and equipment your car needs to remain in perfect condition.

No matter the age of your Mercedes we’ll help you find the service plan that best suits both your vehicle and your budget. Our technicians are well experienced in all manners of service and repairs including:

  • Routine oil and filter change every 8,000 kilometers
  • Full A Service components like inspecting tires and tire pressure, monitor fluid levels and ensure seat belts are intact
  • Full B Service requirements such as tire rotation, check parking brake and steering, monitor all fluid levels and replace as needed

Our mechanics make sure that servicing your Mercedes is as easy as calling and scheduling your next appointment and we’ll handle the rest!

Ontario’s Dealership Alternative

If you are in Kitchener, Waterloo or Cambridge, Ontario and are tired of overpaying at dealerships please call Foreign Automotive today. Our friendly staff is here to make sure your Mercedes gets the maintenance it needs no matter when you need it.

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