Dependable On And Off Road

Land Rovers are known for providing drivers with just as much comfort and performance off-road as they do on them that makes them one of the most unique vehicles available today. This also means that they require experienced mechanics that understand twice the problems that can occur. For drivers throughout Ontario, Canada Foreign Automotive are a dependable independent alternative to expensive dealership maintenance. With years of experience we understand the ins and outs of each Land Rover and what it takes to keep them performing at a high level for years.


Service At All Intervals

The trained mechanics at Foreign Automotive Land Rover Auto Body Car Repair Shop not only understand what your vehicle needs but we will make the routine kilometer-specific appointments easier than ever before. Our comprehensive care and service will ensure that no matter what you need you can trust that it will get done correctly and quickly at every interval including:

  • Every 12,000 KM Big Services– Oil and filter change, top off all other fluids, rotate tires, check underbody for damages
  • 48,000 KM Services
  • 72,000 KM Services
  • 96,000 KM Services
  • 120,000 KM Services
  • 145,000 KM Services
  • 169,000 KM Services
  • 193,000 KM Services

Our technicians understand the unique needs that come with your Land Rover and will make sure the proper services are performed at each proper interval. This way you can trust your car to continue to perform at a high level and free of long-term damages.

Where To Find Us

Foreign Automotive Land Rover Auto Body Car Repair Shop services helps drivers in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo, Ontario with an affordable alternative for everything from routine service to unexpected repairs. If your Land Rover is experiencing performance issues or is in need of repairs please call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert mechanics.

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