Understanding what powers the “Ultimate Driving Experience” for drivers all across the world the technicians at Foreign Automotive have provided comprehensive, dealership quality service for years. As a Best BMW Car Service and Repair Shop our experience helps us to know the ins and outs of each model BMW and their uniquely designed service plans. We make regular maintenance hassle-free so that you can enjoy your BMW’s high-end performance exactly as it was meant while also performing the necessary repairs you need in the event of unexpected and sudden problems.

Getting Your BMW The Service It Needs

Our skilled mechanics will make sure that no matter the issue plaguing your vehicle that we get to the root of the problem and have it repaired in no time. In addition to routine BMW maintenance appointments we also provide drivers with services such as:

  • Full points inspections of exhaust, brake and other vital systems
  • Repairs of all dashboard indicators and common issues
  • Cosmetic repairs to frame/paint in the event of damages
  • Under the hood repairs
  • Diagnosis and repairs for Turbocharged models

By providing the right service for your model we are able to offer dealership quality work for your BMW while maintaining a much more affordable price.

Best BMW Car Service and Repair Shop With Quality Service Near You

The experts at Foreign Automotive service BMW and other European vehicles from the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario areas with the same level of care we’d give our own vehicles. No matter where you are located you can drive with the confidence that a quality dealership-alternative for your BMW is nearby. Please call us today to schedule service or repairs with one of our BMW mechanics or for a complete list of services that we have available.

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