Land Rovers are known for their durability and power, making them one of the most reliable and versatile off-road vehicles on the market. Creating a car that delivers on both endurance and performance is no easy task, which is why Land Rovers are often equipped with turbocharged diesel engines. Depending on several factors, Land Rover drivers can encounter issues with their turbocharger, leaving them at a loss of power and vehicle control.

There are various causes of turbocharger issues in Land Rovers, including the basic design and engineering of the system; however, there are specific causes that will lead to a comprehensive treatment of the problem that you should know about. In this article, we’ll go over the common causes of blown turbochargers, the common signs of a blown turbo, and what you can do moving forward to address the problem and prevent it from occurring again.

Common Causes of a Blown Turbo

As previously mentioned, there are several factors that can contribute to a blown turbo in a Land Rover vehicle. Since the turbocharged engine is one of the most attractive factors of such cars, it’s critical to have the problem assessed right away with a differential diagnosis procedure best performed by a reputed Land Rover specialist.

Lack of Adequate Lubrication

Engine oil helps the various parts of your engine running smoothly by keeping them adequately lubricated. Routine oil and oil filter changes are critical for ongoing engine maintenance, but they also play a huge part in turbocharger function and performance. If engine oil is running low or becomes contaminated, it can cause the turbo to fail.

Buildup of Dirt and Debris

Another critical component of ongoing Land Rover maintenance is keeping an eye on the quality and clarity of the air filter. The air filter removes dirt, dust, and other particles of debris from the air that flows through the compressor. Much like contaminated engine oil, when the air flowing through your engine is contaminated with debris it takes a toll on your Rover’s turbo.

Air Leaks

Since turbochargers help to maximize air pressure through your engine, when there is a leak of airflow via damaged seals or cracks, the turbo begins to work overtime to perform its basic function. This defeats the purpose of the turbo, causing noticeable changes in performance.

Common Signs of a Blown Turbo

Much like the common causes of a blown turbo, there are several different symptoms you may notice if your Land Rover’s turbo is damaged or rendered ineffective:

Loss of Power

Since the turbo allows your Rover to have more power, when the turbo is blown or ineffective a loss of engine power is imminent.

Check-Engine Light Illuminated

Your Land Rover is designed to alert you of any changes in performance or part quality. All drivers dread the check-engine light—you’re not alone. However, it’s critical to have the codes emitted by your Rover’s computer read and diagnosed immediately to rule-out other causes of the check-engine light illumination.

Exhaust Smoke

If a turbo blows, it is quite common for oil to begin leaking into the exhaust system—especially if there are any cracks or broken seals. When oil burns, dark smoke usually expels from the exhaust system. This symptom is likely to worsen and drain your engine oil, causing other significant issues along the way.

Concerning Noises

Your Land Rover’s engine should be relatively quiet at all times. When the turbo kicks in, it’s normal to notice a change in engine sound; however, if you notice louder noises coming from your engine or whining, it’s time for an inspection.

How We Can Help You

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