You know perfectly well how frustrating things can get when faced with a check engine light in your Mercedes Benz. You never know how serious of a problem it might be, or how much it might cost to address it. While it may indicate a larger problem, in some cases it can be something simple like a mass airflow malfunction.

It is important for you to understand why addressing a mass airflow malfunction in your Mercedes Benz is vital for the well-being of your car. Being able to identify the specific symptoms of a malfunction can help you know when your vehicle needs to be seen by professionals.

In this article, we’ll discuss the causes and symptoms of a mass airflow sensor fault, so you get a better understanding and as a result can take care of your Mercedes Benz in a way that will guarantee you the best performance from your vehicle for the next years to come.

Why Is the Mass Air Flow Sensor So Important?

A Mercedes Benz’ mass air flow sensor’s main function is to measure both the amount and temperature of air coming into the engine. The obtained measurements help the fuel injection system of the engine by communicating the information to the board computer, so the computer calculates and decides the mixing ratio of fuel to air for proper ignition and combustion levels. This helps your Mercedes Benz maintain peak performance in a wide variety of climates and altitudes.

Why It Fails

Like all car parts, a mass air flow sensor is prone to fail over time. Because the sensor gets dirty with time, it gradually gets to a point where the sensor is totally incapable to measure and calculate the proper fuel mix to optimize the engine’s performance and endurance. While this can sometimes be mitigated with cleaning, in most cases it needs to be replaced by a new sensor.

What Happens If I Don’t Address the Issue?

This problem is cumulative, meaning that the longer it persists, the more dangerous it will become to your car’s health. As you can see, mass air flow sensors play an essential role when it comes to regulating both the ignition and combustion processes, so its proper functioning is critical for sustained optimal performance in your Benz engine.

What Are the Symptoms?

The most obvious sign that indicates that the MAF sensor needs replacing is the check engine light. The code it will throw will most often be an indicator that the engine is running lean, though it may also show running rich.
However, a Mercedes Benz may also give a variety of red flags to look for, like improper throttle response. Other symptoms may include engine hesitation during acceleration, hiccups, abnormal idling, stalling, or refusing to start.

The Consequences of a MAF Fault

Problems starting a car’s engine are the first to appear and your worst nightmare come true, especially when you’re rushing to your destination because you’re already late. A mass air flow sensor failure can cause this problem because the engine is configured to not start until the right amount of air and fuel that the engine needs to ignite can be detected.

If you’re attentive enough, you will begin to observe that your car vibrates intensely or even idles roughly when going down the highway. In addition to vibration and idling, the power upon acceleration being diminished is another common sign that the MAF sensor is not working properly. Soon after ignition, it is common for Mercedes with a mass airflow problem to experience stalling which happens because of the engine not getting enough fuel.
Finally, a bad mass airflow sensor can also significantly decrease fuel economy in your Benz. If you notice your fuel consumption growing, this can be one of the first signs of your mass airflow sensor going bad.

What to Do

Not all cars have the same mass air flow sensor components, Mercedes-Benz on Asphalt Road as they tend to dramatically vary from car to car. Because of this, if you experience some of the already mentioned issues, it is vital that you go to a skilled, knowledgeable expert automotive shop that specializes in Mercedes-Benz cars.

Foreign Automotive, located in Kitchener, ON, specializes in foreign vehicles like the Mercedes Benz. We employ skilled service technicians who can easily diagnose your mass air flow sensor problems and get you back on the road quickly. If you are in Kitchener, Waterloo, or Cambridge, ON, stop by to see our specialists to get back on the road as soon as possible.

* Mercedes-Benz on Asphalt Road image credit goes to: kurmyshov.