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At Foreign Automotive, we are proud to offer Forgeline wheels, synonymous with uncompromising quality, cutting-edge technology, and deep-rooted motorsport heritage. Since 1994, Forgeline has been crafting high-performance wheels that excel both on the track and on the street, making them a favorite among racing professionals and automotive enthusiasts alike.

Unleash Performance with Forgeline Wheels

Forgeline Motorsports combines over two decades of racing experience with advanced wheel technologies to create wheels that are not just beautiful, but built to withstand the rigors of racing and the demands of daily driving.

Highlights of Forgeline Wheels:

  • Custom Made-to-Order: Every wheel is tailored to the individual customer and vehicle, ensuring perfect fitment and personalized design.
  • Forged for Greatness: Utilizing 6061-T6 aluminum forged under immense pressure, Forgeline wheels boast superior strength and lightweight properties, enhancing vehicle dynamics and performance.
  • Racing Bred: With roots deep in motorsport, Forgeline wheels are designed to perform under the most extreme conditions, as proven on tracks around the world and on high-performance vehicles like the Glickenhaus SCG003.
  • Innovative Engineering: Each wheel undergoes rigorous Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and real-world testing to exceed industry standards for strength, safety, and durability.
  • Exquisite Finishes: With a vast array of custom colors and finishes, each wheel is hand-finished in Forgeline’s Dayton facility, showcasing exceptional attention to detail and quality.

Why Choose Foreign Automotive?

Expert Precision Installation
At Foreign Automotive, we specialize in the precise installation of high-performance wheels. Our team of skilled technicians ensures that each set of Forgeline wheels is installed with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing optimal performance and alignment with your vehicle’s specifications.

Dedicated Customer Support
We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience from the moment you inquire about Forgeline wheels. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you select the perfect wheels that not only meet but exceed your performance and aesthetic expectations.

Trusted by Enthusiasts
Known for our commitment to quality and performance, Foreign Automotive is the trusted choice for discerning drivers seeking the best in automotive upgrades. We share Forgeline’s passion for excellence and are dedicated to delivering superior products and services that reflect this ethos.

Visit Foreign Automotive today to explore how Forgeline wheels can transform your vehicle into a masterpiece of performance and style. Choose Forgeline for their unparalleled quality and innovation, and let us help you achieve the perfect synergy between your vehicle and the road.

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