When you think of a BMW, what comes to mind? Beautiful glossy paint, fresh leather seats, and plush carpet flooring are only some of the amazing benefits of riding in a BMW. Without proper care, however, these luxuries might lose their attractiveness. Like anything else, understanding how something works and taking care of something is the best way to ensure that something will maintain its highest potential.

Although wear and tear is an inevitable part of the temporary nature of all material things, many various measures may be taken to ensure the longevity of a beloved product. For example, driving your vehicle carelessly and bumping into every tree will definitely entail repairs every other day. On the other hand, driving it carefully and treating it with respect will result in being able to drive it in nice condition for a very long time.

Causes for Interior Wear

Interior wear is constituted by anything that degrades the manufacturers quality standards of the new product. When it comes to maintaining something, simplicity is key. Keeping things out of the car and maintaining a constant level of temperature and humidity will help your vehicle stay nice for years.

Wear can take form is many ways, including coffee stains on the seats, scratches on the steering wheel, as well as many others. By identifying the various sources of interior wear, one can begin to isolate the major culprits and take the most appropriate measures to minimize interior wear in a vehicle.

Major sources of interior wear include:

  • Scratches
  • Stains
  • Rips
  • Deformations
  • Discoloration
  • Mold

How to Reduce Interior Wear

Knowing how most interior wear is introduced in cars, it is easy to figure out ways to reduce it. In the case of scratches, it is important to minimize the amount of sharp objects entering the vehicle. This can mean something as simple as trimming nails to prevent accidentally digging into a car seat. For stains, taking nothing except for transparent liquids such as water into the car may be a good idea. Anything with strong color may also rub off onto the interior, causing stains. For mold, it is important to keep the car well-ventilated, and standing water should not be left in it for long periods.

Rips are very common when sunlight comes into contact with seats for a long period of time. The electromagnetic radiation from the sun causes the leather in seats to tear and form rips over time. Keeping the car in the shade or in a garage will reduce the risk of rips due to sunlight. Sunlight is also the culprit for much of the discoloration that occurs on cars, although excessive rubbing against interior parts may also lead color fading. For deformations, it is important to not bring heavy objects into the car, since they have more mass with which it is very easy to make dents in the car. Excessive heat can also cause the plastic or other materials in the car to deform, so it is important to leave the windows slightly open on hot days so that the heat is not trapped into the car.

As you can see, all of these methods entail being more careful in general. Not only it is important that certain things are not brought into the car, but it is just as important that objects that are in the car are handled with caution. For instance, children should be supervised while in the car, and other objects should be placed in a good place on the car floor so that they do not damage the seats nor roll around too much. Although these are good ways to prevent damage, damage is inevitable, and sometimes needs to be addressed by a professional.

Professional Interior Wear Reduction

For most interior wear issues, the damage cannot BMW Interior Cleaning be simply reversed by household products. The best option is to take the vehicle into the shop for maintenance. For interior wear, Foreign Automotive is the place to go, with locations convenient to Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, ON. We have the experience to identify the problems in each vehicle and have the solutions to fix them. Many commercial products are stronger than household products, and our service technicians at Foreign Automotive have all the tools to turn your vehicle into a sanctuary that will give you an experience like driving a new car with that priceless new-car smell!