Foreign Automotive is excited to announce our partnership with Unplugged Performance. Unplugged Performance is the world leader in premium performance upgrades for Tesla vehicles. With their USA-made line of stylish and high-performance parts, their sole focus is on holistic development and improvement of all Tesla cars.

Unplugged Performance was founded and incubated by the team behind the world-renowned automotive customizer Bulletproof Automotive. Unplugged Performance is the world’s leading company focused on the customization and sports performance of Tesla Motors vehicles.

All of their parts are researched and engineered on their own development vehicles with the intention of improving every aspect of the driving and ownership experience. Unplugged produces an exclusive range of premium upgrades to give a new sporty performance identity to Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

Improving on perfection is no easy task, and to do so Unplugged products are professionally designed, prototyped, and manufactured in-house in Hawthorne, CA, and in collaboration with the best motorsports suppliers. The supercar performance of Tesla vehicles meets supercar-grade enhancements with Unplugged Performance.

Looking for something for your Tesla from the Unplugged Performance catalogue? Shoot us a message or give us a call!