Mercedes Sprinters are the global benchmark for utility vans. They are built to last, and build for whatever you may throw at them. However, they are also a Mercedes at its roots. Meaning advanced tech, and complex drivetrains.  This blend requires a well-experienced mechanic that understands the common problems and their causes and that is where Foreign Automotive excels. Our mechanics know how to care for the technology inside your Sprinter with the same high level of care we provide with common maintenance such as the annual service appointments.

Keeping Your Sprinter Fleet On The Road, And Not In The Shop

The friendly staff at Foreign Automotive Best Sprinter Repair Service Shop is familiar with problems that can plague your Sprinter and know how to get it repaired fast and back on the road without inconveniencing you. If your Sprinter is experiencing:

  • Check Engine Lights
  • Engine oil leaks
  • DPF/Ad-Blue Issues

Or another issue with your vehicle’s performance then a trip to Foreign Automotive Best Sprinter Car Repair Service Shop will be exactly what your car needs.

We also provide dealership quality service when it comes to routine maintenance appointments for your Sprinter. Our mechanics understand what sets your Sprinter apart and what specific items will help you enjoy sustained peak performance for years. This way you can trust that your vehicle will always get the service it needs without any unnecessary and costly add-ons.

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Drivers in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario have chosen Foreign Automotive as their choice dealership alternative for Sprinter service. With our experienced mechanics, fast and accurate maintenance and repairs and commitment to customer service your Sprinter is guaranteed to get the proper service it needs to stay on the road for years to come.

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