We are happy to announce that we are now offering the full line of Quicksilver Exhaust systems here at Foreign Automotive. With their fantastic track record for quality and fitment, we feel they will be a great addition to our catalog of performance products. We will be shipping QuickSilver Exhausts Canada wide. For any inquiries please contact us on getting your Quicksilver Exhaust today!


Here is a little more from QuickSilver and their exhaust systems:


What are the benefits of a QuickSilver Exhaust System?

Sport Systems

  • Sound – To increase the fun
  • Reduced weight – saving up to 40 kilos
  • Improved performance – more efficient flow, reduced weight and improved heat dissipation all combine to improve real performance.
  • Appearance – Polished, linnished, ceramic-coated or raw

Heritage Systems

  • The first benefit is an indefinite lifespan – with our 25 Year Corrosion Guarantee most QuickSilver systems should outlast the car.
  • Adherence to original design – to ensure the correct performance, appearance and sound
  • Availability – with a resource of catalogues, drawings and original exhaust patterns going back to 1905 QuickSilver maintain the ability to supply.

How long does it take to fit a system?

It will depend on the make and model and the experience of the fitter. Some of our more modern systems take as little as 45 minutes though some vehicles take longer due to the removal of other parts to gain access.

Our classic systems may on occasion be more difficult and we always recommend installation by a professional technician.

How long does it take to make and deliver?

After payment has been received an on the shelf item will be dispatched that day and generally takes no longer than 2-3 days to reach you.

Special orders that have to be handmade or are not in stock can usually be manufactured in 14 days depending on our factory production schedule.

How loud will it be?

Loudness is truly a matter of personal taste.

We offer sound readings for many modern systems and categorise our sound into levels; Sports, SuperSports and SuperSportsPlus.

As a guide our ‘Sports’ is for the car used everyday, our ‘SuperSports’ for the driver who enjoys his car mainly on the weekend or just for fun and ‘SuperSportsPlus’ for the enthusiast who wants to optimise the experience.

Does it affect the cars warranty?

You have the right to use high-quality aftermarket parts and know that your new car warranty claims will be honored.

In fact, your vehicle dealer may not reject a warranty claim simply because an aftermarket product is present.

A warranty denial under such circumstances may be proper only if an aftermarket part caused the failure claimed. (CONSUMER BILL OF RIGHTS Article. 2)

Where is the best place to buy a QuickSilver Exhaust from?

If you are based out of Canada, Foreign Automotive will be your best source for our products. If you are based out of another country please contact us directly or contact Foreign Automotive and they will happily assist you on either getting the product to you or helping you find your closest dealer.