While best known for the endlessly fun to drive Mini Cooper, it’s important to know the differences that set models like the Countryman and the Cooper apart from one another. With different sets of service needs to fit their various capabilities and designs the expert mechanics at Foreign Automotive Classic Mini Car Repair Shop have you covered. Our extensive experience working with MINI vehicles ensures that your car will receive everything from the proper routine maintenance to repairs with the right replacement parts done with an expert touch.


Keeping MINI Performance In Line

The technicians at Foreign Automotive Classic Mini Car Repair Shop understand the emphasis that is put on any MINI’s performance and we know the common areas that can quickly diminish your fun behind the wheel. If you begin to experience any of these then it’s time to call and schedule service:

  • Issues with the alignment
  • Unresponsive/loose steering
  • Difficulties coming to a stop
  • Unexpected noises from brakes/engine/elsewhere
  • Issues with slow acceleration or engine stumble

While these are just some of the issues that can impact your MINI our staff is confident that we’ll find and repair the cause of any issue as fast as possible. This way you can get back on the road faster and with fewer hassles than the dealership.

MINIs We Service And Where To Find Us

Foreign Automotive proudly services the full line of MINI vehicles including the regular and turbo charged

  • Cooper
  • Countryman
  • Clubman

If you’re noticing even slight problems with your MINI and you’re in the Cambridge, Kitchener or Waterloo, Ontario areas in Canada then it may be time to call Foreign Automotive. Our experienced and friendly staff will make sure that you can continue to enjoy big performance from your MINI for years to come.

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