Here at Foreign Automotive, we pride ourselves at staying on the cutting edge. Our clients have come to expect it, and European vehicles demand it. That’s why we have been working hard all year to try and find ways to make servicing your vehicle with us easier and your experience as pleasant as possible.

Here are just a few of the new features all our clients can take advantage of:


Live Status Tracker:

We know that a vehicle is an integral part of your daily life. You rely on your vehicle to get you to work, pick up your kids, and get you to all the appointments you may have. So when it is in for service or repair, you need to know when it will be done so you can plan your day. We now have a solution to make that process easier and faster.

You will now be able to track your vehicle’s progress in real time. Directly off of your smartphone. No more having to call in to check on the status of your vehicle, no more for your vehicle to be ready. It’s as simple as clicking on a link and there it is, real time status update on your vehicle.


Text Messaging:

Getting a hold of a client can be the most important factor to ensuring the vehicle gets repaired as soon as possible. We have now made that process easier. With the ability to text our clients directly from our shop software. This allows us to get ahold of you quickly, attach estimates and quotes and even send pictures of the faulty part. All directly through text message.

Auto Booking:

Our advanced shop software will allow us to automatically book your next service based on your driving habits. The system takes your last few services and calculates when you will be due for the next one based on milage and time, no more guessing work. You get a text message reminder a week prior and and a simply reply confirms your appointment. Service made easy!


These are just a few of the new ways we are looking to improve our clients experience here at Foreign Automotive. Please keep an ear out as we continue to make more announcements in the coming year.

As always we appreciate your feedback, and we would love to here from you on other ways we can help improve your experience.