The Mercedes Benz is part of a class of cars that is set high above the rest. It stands for luxury, elegance, and beauty. Not only does Mercedes Benz live up to this, they also have the performance to back it up. Underneath the hood is the power that is required to keep your Mercedes up to the standards that you have come to expect.

Making the decision to purchase a Mercedes Benz means that you intend to have a reliable car for a very long time. The longer you own your vehicle, the more likely it is bound to run into some issues, even with the proper maintenance. One of these issues is going to be with the AirMatic System. This is where you are going to learn a few ways to fix the AirMatic System in your Mercedes Benz.

What is the AirMatic System?

In most vehicles, the suspension is made up of steel springs. When it comes to the Mercedes, the suspension consists of adjustable pneumatic, or air-powered, springs. The air springs provide for a smoother ride for you and any passengers that may be in the car with you. With every bump you pass over while driving, the air springs will adjust by adding air or removing air as necessary. This will ensure that you are less likely you feel the bumps and will always maintain comfort while driving. It is also good to know that the AirMatic System will adjust to any type of driving condition and road.

Air Leaks in the AirMatic System

The AirMatic System is only going to continue to work properly if air is able to flow through all of the components. Once the air is no longer flowing as it should, the AirMatic System is going to begin to fail. This failure will become evident if you are all of a sudden feeling the bumps along the road. You may also notice that your Mercedes sits lower to the ground.

These problems may be caused by a leak in the AirMatic system. As each of the parts begin to age, they could experience cracks that result from general wear and tear or debris damage. If you suspect that an air leak is the issue then you are able to diagnose this at home. In order to do so, you can use soap and water, covering the part and watching for bubbles.

However, if you want a more definitive result then you will want to purchase a solution that is actually meant for flushing the system. Once you decide on the solution, you are going to spray it at the air suspension compressor fitting, air lines, the fitting of the valve block, and along the air hose. Next you will want to wait between 5 and 15 minutes to see if any of these parts has a leak. If the crack is small it may take a little longer for the solution to find its way out.

Air Suspension Compressor Issue

Another part that could be causing the AirMatic System to not function properly is going to be the compressor. The air compressor is the piece that pumps the air through the system to ensure that the AirMatic is able to work as it should. The first place you want to check when it comes to the compressor is the fuse box. It is possible that the system is failing because a fuse or relay has blown. If this is the case then you can buy replacements in most stores that sell parts.

If all the fuses are testing out normal then the next thing you will want to check is the voltage. The compressor requires a certain amount of voltage to be able to release the right amount of air at the right time. In order to test the voltage you will need to have a multimeter. You will connect it to the electrical connection that is connected to the compressor. The multimeter should read 12 volt power. If it does not, then you know that the compressor is not getting the power it needs.

Get Your AirMatic Professionally Taken Care Of

Even with knowing the ways to check your AirMatic Mercedes Logo System on your own, you may want to have a professional technician take a look. This is when you should bring your Mercedes into Foreign Automotive.

Conveniently accessible from the areas of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, ON, you can rest assured knowing that your Mercedes will be properly diagnosed and fixed. Our trained technicians will perform tests using the most reliable equipment in order to identify the damage and fix it quickly so you can get back on the road where your Mercedes should be!

* Mercedes-Benz W222 S-class image credit goes to: DarthArt.

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