A broken tail light is one of the most annoying inconveniences that can befall any car owner. Especially if you own an Audi, one of the foremost luxury European car makers in the world, a broken tail light can make you feel as though your luxury car experience is cheapened or diminished. If you drive an Audi and your tail light is out, here is the information you need to know so you get it fixed and get back on the road.

What is a Tail Light?

For those who don’t know, a car’s tail lights are located on the rear of the vehicle. They turn themselves on every time you turn your headlights on. Their function is to make your car perfectly visible to other drivers in the dark, so that you don’t accidentally get rear-ended at nighttime. If one or both of your tail lights were to break, it would become much more difficult for other drivers to see you in the dark, which is a major safety hazard. Driving with broken tail lights puts you in danger of getting into a serious collision, all because other drivers simply can’t see you.

In addition to being a safety hazard, driving with both of your tail lights out is a fineable traffic offense. That means that when you drive with a broken tail light, you risk getting a ticket on top of endangering the safety of your car, yourself, and your passengers. If you want to check whether your tail light is out, take a look at your dashboard! There should be a symbol that resembles a bird’s-eye view of a car, with flashing lines coming out of the rear. If that symbol is lit up, at least one of your tail lights is out.

How Do Tail Lights Break?

There are several different factors that could cause a tail light to break. Oftentimes, the intense heat of the light bulb causes the bulb socket to melt, which in turn causes the entire light to stop working. In other cases, the switches, fuses, or wires that power the bulb might have become damaged or defective, causing the entire light to become defective. When repairing a broken tail light, it’s important to check for each of these factors, so that you can ultimately determine which one has caused your tail light to stop functioning.

If the problem is merely a burnt out or broken bulb, the process of replacing it should be fairly quick, easy, and inexpensive. If the fault lies in the switches, fuses, or wires, repairing your tail light might be a lengthier and more complicated process.

Can I Fix a Broken Tail Light Myself?

Different makes and models of cars have different access points to reach the tail lights for servicing. Unfortunately, Audi does not design its tail lights to be easily reachable by car owners. If the tail light on your Audi is broken, your best bet is to visit your authorized Audi dealership or trusted local auto shop to get it fixed.

The good news is that broken tail lights are a relatively quick and easy fix. In most cases, you should be able to bring your car in, get it fixed, and drive back out with a fully-functioning tail light within an hour.

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* Audi TT RS Tail Light image credit goes to: nrqemi.