Auto maintenance isn’t always at the forefront of our minds until we begin experiencing concerning symptoms in our cars. Driving a Volvo is a privilege until you notice troublesome noises and performance issues. The front struts need to be replaced as part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance, and it is critical to attend to concerning symptoms right away; if the strut wear goes unaddressed for long periods of time, it can lead to engine and transmission function problems as well. In this article, we’ll go over why the front struts are important, how to recognize the signs of failure, and what you can do to keep your Volvo in excellent running condition going forward.

What do the front struts do for your Volvo?

In your Volvo’s suspension system, the struts are one of the pieces that help absorb some of the shock and impact from road imperfections, bumps, and dips, while keeping the car’s suspension intact. The front struts are connected to the inner suspension system of your front wheels and the car’s chassis. There are plenty of other suspension pieces and smaller parts like nuts and bolts that can become damaged, leading to premature front strut failure.

The suspension of any car is a system of interworking parts that all rely on each other’s durability to prevent a chain reaction of damages requiring replacements and repairs. In this way, the struts are an especially critical component of your Volvo’s suspension system. When the struts begin to wear or become damaged, they can create problems for the functioning of other parts of your car, such as the tires, and even the engine and transmission. Replacing the struts is a generally simple maintenance task that can prevent significant performance problems and functionality issues in your Volvo.

The common warning signs of failing front struts

As a responsible vehicle owner and driver, it is important that you are aware of the signs of front strut failure, as your own Volvo may encounter this issue at some point in time. Properly diagnosing strut issues relies heavily on one’s ability to accurately detect and report the symptoms. If you do notice any of the following symptoms in your car, it is imperative to have the front struts looked at immediately to prevent further damage.

Rough, uncomfortable driving experience

While Volvos are known for their comfort and luxury driving experience, if the front struts fail you’ll notice that your Volvo is quite uncomfortable to drive in—especially when going over rough roads or bumps.

Alignment issues

Strut failure can cause alignment issues in your car. If you begin to notice that your car is drifting to one side while driving on a flat surface, you might want to have your struts checked.

Vibrating and knocking over bumps

The intense vibrating and knocking noises you hear when you go over a bump is the loose or damaged front strut shaking around in place. Any concerning noises or symptoms when you go over a bump should indicate an issue with the suspension, especially the struts.

Abnormal tire wear patterns

Uneven tire wear goes hand in hand with poor alignment on a vehicle. Checking your Volvo’s tire wear patterns can be a great indicator of suspension or alignment issues, including front strut failure.

Why it’s important to hire a Volvo specialist

Volvos are unique cars; they require specialized care in order to remain in optimal condition and perform their best. Hiring a Volvo specialist alone can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair work and replacement parts, as they are better able to provide drivers with more accurate diagnoses and treatments. Furthermore, working with a Volvo specialist will help you anticipate your Volvo’s repair and maintenance needs so that you never have to be without your car for long stretches of time.

What we can do to help you

Volvo XC90 Here at Foreign Automotive, we have attended to suspension issues and repairs for clients in the areas of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, ON. Our breadth of experience and wealth of knowledge in European imports has made us the tri-cities leading European auto repair shop. If you’re concerned about your Volvo’s suspension system or strut assembly, please call one of our Volvo experts today to help you get your vehicle maintenance and repair on track.

* Volvo XC90 image credit goes to: AdrianHancu.