Best Professional Ceramic Coating for New Cars

Ceramic treatments or ceramic sealants are coatings for vehicle paint based on chemical elements such as silica, titanium, and quartz. These offer greater shine and protection, mainly formulated to protect the lacquer of the vehicles against external factors, caused by nature, through the action of repellency and resistance, which help to maintain the paint of the vehicle as fresh from the dealer (or better in many cases) with a higher degree of gloss thus achieving an excellent finish. Provides protection against contaminants such as bird droppings, tree sage, rain, and UV rays. The degree of protection may vary depending on the sealant since all offer different degrees of gloss, protection, duration, and resistance.

Foreign Automotive offers Best Professional Ceramic Coating for New Cars of all luxury brands.

The Best Professional Ceramic Coating for New Cars service includes the following:

  • Removing impurities and contaminants from paint with clay
  • Treatment to the paint with high-end micro polishers, to reduce and/or eliminate scratches and imperfections in the paint, as well as restore the original shine of the paint
  • Application of conditioner to the paint to clean any contaminating residue before applying the ceramic
  • Application of the ceramic or Liquid glass on the paint (1 to 2 layers) according to the requested product
  • Details with high-quality dash and silicone tires
  • Glaze System Overcoating

We offer all kinds of vehicle care services along with comprehensive vehicle washes, undercoating, and Ceramic Coating.

Best Professional Ceramic Coating for New Cars Offer optimal protection to your car, from its acquisition, by opting for a ceramic treatment. Your car can be fully treated from body paint to interior leather, through windows, rims, or even plastics.

Why Foreign Automotive is the best option for Professional Ceramic Coating for New Cars

Care and Maintenance

Foreign Automotive offers you to carry out the annual maintenance of vehicles protected by a ceramic treatment. Your car can also benefit from a cleaning specially adapted to this type of protection. Indeed, we take care of washing the outside and inside with care to offer you a brilliant result of cleanliness!


In order to be able to apply a ceramic treatment to a used car, it is crucial to make a series of preliminary corrections. From washing the car to the polishing and buffing stage, eliminating scratches, and other imperfections, our expert hands take care of everything.

Ceramic Coating for New Cars

At the service of the protection and maintenance of luxury and vintage cars

Foreign Automotive works with great care to protect your vehicle from external aggressions, enhance its shine, offer hydrophobic protection, and facilitate its maintenance and cleaning. Whether your vehicle is new or used, we adapt our Best Professional Ceramic Coating for New Cars for a high-quality result.