Best Paint Protection Coating for Cars

Want to park the car quietly and keep the car color as if it just left the factory? You need an anti-scratch coating for your vehicle!

Foreign Automotive offers a unique and innovative service of protective coatings that prevent scratches and damage to the car paint. With transparent polyurethane sheets that wrap around the vehicle, you can ensure protection from intentional scratches and/or beams due to vehicle friction (cars, motorcycles, electric bikes, etc.), grit protection, weather hazards, rubbing, light blows and debris caused by the debris. On the road, animal secretions and wear and tear. Also, the coating maintains the color of the vehicle and a spectacular appearance over time, prevents sun peeling, and gives your vehicle a prestigious and preserved appearance. The Best Paint Protection Coating for Cars will be installed by our qualified installer team to ensure a precise and perfect result.

Best Paint Protection Coating for Cars are tough, durable, invisible, and made of unique urethane compounds and are used to protect your vehicle from stone cracks, insect damage, scratches, and weather damage – without changing anything In the exterior of the vehicle.

We offer Best Paint Protection Coating for Cars which is trusted and selected by automakers worldwide as it meets the requirements for external paint protection and other vulnerable surfaces from light blows, cracks, scratches, stains, road tar, and extreme weather conditions.

Invisible protection:  A durable, transparent sheet protects the vehicle without changing the look and feels of the paint, as opposed to car vinyl covers or molded plastic shields.


The vehicle is coated with a special coating that protects the vehicle, by a professional and skilled team with years of experience in coatings.

Contact us at (519) 894-9551 or leave an  inquiry and we will be happy to give you detailed information at no cost and without obligation about the variety of options for coating your vehicle against scratches.