Advanced Luxury Car Cleaning

Car Cleaning is a burden for many car owners and is often undervalued. In addition to high-quality exterior washing, Advanced Luxury Car Cleaning also includes interior cleaning of the cars. 

On one hand, a cleaned interior enhances the entire car, for example, when it is resold, on the other hand, only a fully maintained car also makes a good impression. 

As part of the Advanced Luxury Car Cleaning, we make your car shine again. No matter whether cleaning the inside or outside, as well as removing stubborn signs of wear. 

What counts is optimal care. Thorough, Advanced Luxury Car Cleaning requires sophisticated technology. Car interior cleaning is one of the most impressive examples of the use of dry ice. The list is long and includes upholstery, plastics, carpets, car headlining, engine compartments, undercarriages, and rims, which become completely clean depending on the level of soiling. 

We provide you with extensive and competent support for your car with our service. No matter whether you have smaller or larger concerns – Foreign Automotive offers you exactly what you and your motor car need. We use state-of-the-art tools to reliably carry out our work on and with all car models. 

We care and clean cars, with passion. With our years of experience, we achieve the best results. Namely, with a clean car, you not only achieve an increase in value, but you will also feel comfortable in a well-maintained car with a fresh fragrance. 

Why Advanced Luxury Car Cleaning is So Useful:

Your car is exposed to weather conditions and mechanical loads every day. This is pure stress for paint, upholstery, and leather as well as the rims. Car cleaning and reprocessing will extend the life of the paint, the aluminum rims, and, for example, that of the convertible roof.  

Thus, the value of your car can definitely be increased considerably.

 Before you sell your car, you should definitely have it cleaned completely. Well-maintained cars achieve a significantly higher sales price. 

Foreign Automotive is your reliable and experienced service provider in the field of Advanced Luxury Car Cleaning in Kitchener and the surrounding area

With us, you get the complete package for the perfectly prepared car. You get everything from one source – from experienced staff and individually tailored to your requirements.