Advanced High End Audi Car Detailing Store

Find the new look for your used vehicle

Is your car paint tarnished? Do you want to give a new look to your used vehicle? Meet Foreign Automotive Advanced High End Audi Car Detailing Store Experts.

Our Advanced High End Audi Car Detailing Store services include interior and exterior washing, Express paint reconditioning, polishing, leather or fabric treatment, headlight reconditioning, and paint decontamination.

Also discover our Clear ceramic coating, a revolutionary solution for a completely water-repellent vehicle. We offer an auto detailing service to meet your specific finishing needs.


  • Car wash
  • Car aesthetics
  • Car detailing
  • Car restoration


  • Well-trained and experienced team
  • Adaptation to vehicles and customer requests
  • Courtesy service
  • Specialization in vehicle maintenance and reconditioning


Working in the field of automotive services, we will be able to adapt to all your requests. We can restore a used vehicle’s shine, regardless of the state of its body and interior.

Trust our team. We make sure that you leave our workshop with a clean, bright, new car. The use of quality products, experience, and professionalism are the keys to the success of our Advanced High End Audi Car Detailing Store.

Do you want to give your old or used car a new look? We offer an Advanced High End Audi Car Detailing Service.

In summary, detailing is one of the best methods for maintaining and renovating a vehicle down to the smallest detail. Its advantage over other automobile renovation techniques is that it provides more striking and personalized results.

We know-how and which tools are necessary to carry out all the stages of the operation: washing, decontamination, polishing or correction, buffing, protection, and finishing.


We have years of experience in the car detailing field. Let us know your specific requests, we will take care of them.

Rest assured, each operation will be carried out with great care, inside and outside the vehicle. For optimal results, we apply the most effective detailing products on the market.